Mexico | 2017 | DCP |  Color | 77’

Choral documentary film that narrates the struggle thousands of electric energy workers had to sustain for years on end trying to get their jobs back and in order to keep their legendary trade union alive. In 2009, a presidential decree extinguished the state-owned public company known as Luz y Fuerza del Centro, leaving more than 40 thousand workers jobless and out on the streets. The government offered to compensate them with meager indemnization payments. Many workers decided it was best to accept the severance pay offered by the government, while 16,599 workers, together with their retired comrades,  decided to fight back, initiating a battle against the government which led to an unimaginable outcome.

It is a chronicle about an unprecedented working-class struggle.

Director, cinematographer and cinematographic assembly (montage): Alejandra Islas

Research and Transmedia Production: Nadia Hernández del Río

Editing: Alejandra Islas, Antonio Bribiesca, Ricardo Hidalgo, Alejandro Quesnel

Music: El Gabinete, José Humberto Montes de Oca and Antonio Segura.

Color correction and Sound Design: Ernie Schaffer MANOSANTA and Carlos Cortés.

Art Design: Bruno Valasse.

Illustrations: Miguel Zicovich.

Animation: Sandra Medina/CASIOPEA.

Sound track: Ricardo Hidalgo, Nadia Hernández del Río and Miguel Báez Medina.

Producers: FOPROCINE-IMCINE, Alejandra Islas.

With the collaboration of Ave de Paso Films

With the active participation of electric-energy workers affiliated to the Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (SME).